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Arthritis Treatments-Help For Osteoporosis

We tend to think of osteoporosis as a disease of age, a menopausal complication. But it is also encouraged by blood deficiency that can occur at any time form cancer therapies, corticosteroids, blood disease, severe blood loss, and weak adrenal strength. These contribute to malabsorption, fatigue, and poor immune response.

If you have osteoporosis or wish to prevent it, nutrition and blood-building are just as important in your health-care routine as cleansing. Certain tonic herbs enhance the body's ability to generate what make bones strong-- blood and bone marrow.

One popular remedy in china is thinly sliced deer antler, now sold in Chinese pharmacies in the West as well as Asia. Deer antler is shed yearly. It is quite effective in rebuilding bone marrow depleted by harsh medical therapies or illness. If you ever go to the trouble of simmering sliced deer horn for hours in a double boiler, you will feel the benefits immediately. It feels as though your bone marrow is relaxing, taking a deep breath, and sighing from relief. Several types of deer horn are used. Cervus sika stag horn contains protein and collagen and is used as a tonic stimulant. Antelope horn contains calcium phosphate and is an antispasmodic, antipyretic (anti fever) tonic.

Fortunately, a less expensive vegetarian substitute is now available. Simmer one handful each of epimedium leaves and lycium fruit (Goji Berries) in a quart of water for twenty minutes, strain, and drink two cups a day.

Arthritis Pill Treatments
For treatment of osteoporotic pain, Chinese traditional doctors recommend herbal combinations that nourish kidney/adrenal energy and generate blood production and at the same time build chi, help balance hormones, and prevent pain. This multifaceted approach requires combining one or two main herbal remedies along with others that deal with secondary complaints.

Start with two combinations by Seven Forest that nourish kidney and liver blood and bone marrow: Antler 8 and Restorative Tablets. (Your health-food store can order them)

The first of these contains 50 percent deer antler and less then 10 percent salvia, dendrobium, rehmannia, tortoiseshell, tang kuei, aquilaria, and cardamom. Antler 8 provides nourishment and support for persons from Western cancer therapies, corticosteroids, HIV, leukemia, severe blood loss, fatigue, kidney-related problems, and osteoporosis. It helps generate blood and bone marrow.

Combine this with Restorative Tablets for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Restorative Tablets reduce heat symptoms such as afternoon fever or hot flashes. Men or women can use it for prolonged feverish diseases and general weakness related to internal heat. It is cooling because it replaces moisture with 10 percent each of processed human placenta, tortoises shell, and rehmannia. It contains antifever herbs such as anemarrhena and ophisopogonis as well as other blood-building herbs.

A vegetarian substitute for this remedy could be the less expensive Chinese patent remedy Liu Wei Di Huang Wan which builds blood (and yin) for kidney and liver.

Antler 8 and Restorative Tablets or their equivalents ensure blood production and nutrition necessary to slow inflammatory and consumptive symptoms of a long term inflammatory disease.

Additions For Specific Problems

Add to Antler 8 and Restorative Tablets the following combination for specific problems: Ganoderma 18 for fatigue and low immune strength.

Nature's Sunshine products, from Spanish Fork, Utah, offers two formulas used to balance the Water element: Qu Shi (“Remove Dampness”) and Jian Gu (“Strengthen Bones”). The first, which treats edema in the legs, poor digestion, and joint swelling, is more for cleansing. The second, as its name implies, is more of a supportive remedy. Jian Gu is recommended for weak and sore back and legs, urinary dysfunction, recovery from broken bones, osteoporosis, exhaustion from work, and difficulty in hearing or breathing related to kidney (adrenal) weakness. Both formulas are vegetarian and are best taken between meals.

By merely reading the list of symptoms these herbal remedies treat, we clearly see that osteoporosis is more complicated than we thought. By the same token, there is much more we can do to prevent or treat it than lift weights and take calcium pills when we remember.

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