Friday, June 3, 2011

Food For Arthritis-Where did Your Pain from Arthritis Come From?

The causes of arthritis are triggered by diet, weather conditions, and emotions. All three of these aggravate joint pain and are related to the cause. Like we stated in the last post, in order to find the right treatment for your arthritis you need to start observing your habits and only then will you begin to relieve how these habits affect your humors and Qi. Here is a good way to analyze what factors are at the root of your arthritic pain.

 If you could right down your answer to this question. If you could not eat, which foods would you miss? (see foods here) Take a note of your answers. What types of foods did you write down the most? We usually follow a pattern so pay careful attention to your food choices. Arthritic pain is grouped into four categories wind, hot, cold, and phlegm type pain. Wind is associated with nerve pain, soreness, numbness, and pain that moves in the body. Hot pain contains the following inflammatory pain, burning, itching, cramps, and it feels worse at night. Cold has these characteristics, it feels fixed and stiff, it has a stabbing pain and feels worse in cold weather. Last but not least phlegm pain feels dull, heavy ache, stiffness, immobility, malformed joints

How about you? Do you have a craving for fat or spicy foods, pickles, and chili barbecue dishes at the same time your joint pain is sharp and you have inflamed joints or cramped muscles? As you can see there is a connection. One thing you may notice is you probably crave foods that will make your arthritis worse. Our bodies always try to maintain a state of balance (homeostasis), even in disease. Investigating your diet more allows you to see the correlations between the causes of your arthritis. 

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