Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arthritis Cure- Eastern Perspectives of Arthritis With A Western Viewpoint.

When we end up putting TCM energetics with our western viewpoints of arthritis we are then able to truly explain how arthritis remedies work.

 When you talk with some one who has arthritis they usually say I have rheumatoid arthritis not I have wind-chill-damp pain.Unfortunately by using the western term you miss a golden opportunity to find a way to counter the devastating effects or your condition. You see by using TCM energetic terms you are able to then know what you need to do to balance your body. For example with a wind-chill-damp arthritic condition you know you have to calm the wind, heat the chill, and dry the dampness in order to have a positive impact on your arthritis.

You can see that applying TCM energetics to our typical understanding of western disease patterns can truly show us new beneficial avenues for personal prevention as well as treatment.

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