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Arthritis Treatments- Inflammatory Joint Pain.

Caution: Strongly anti-inflammatory herbs such as the combinations that follow are not recommended during pregnancy.

If any of the home cooked brews below cause diarrhea, you will want to reduce the dosage by half. If they do not cause diarrhea, follow the directions and take them between meals.

Home Remedies Included are two recipes in this section that you have to cook yourself. You will find that they taste like medicine, not soup, so these recipes are best served cold. After taking them for a while you will notice that they are cleansing and soothing. You never know, you might actually start to like the flavor.

Boil the same batch of herbs twice, so you can save some money. Keep the resulting broth in the refrigerator when you're not using it.

The first recipe is from a TCM textbook. The second if from the classic A Barefoot Doctor's Manual (Running Press). The ingredients are easily available online. You can order through the links in this post for your convenience, otherwise just Google the names and you should be able to find numerous places to purchase them.

Antibiotic Remedy

For rheumatic arthritis with inflammatory symptoms that include fever, swollen pinful joints, red hot limbs, red tongue with yellow, greasy coating, and rapid pulse, simmer these herbs together in 1 gallon water for 45 minutes and drink several cups a day:

30 grams honeysuckle
30 grams dandelion  
30 grams viola ( Chinese violet)
15 grams wild chrysanthemum flower  
9 grams root of muskroot-like semiaquilega (Radix semiaquilegiae)
12 grams achyranthes root
24 grams plantain herb
24 grams fu ling  

The antibiotic treatment of rheumatic arthritis combines herbs that normalize body temperature, replace fluids, and reestablish electrolyte balance. These antibiotic herbs are said to clear heat and toxins from your blood and promote circulation. Which halts the spread of bacteria. The first several herbs are antibiotic, anti-inflammatory blood cleansers, the last three are diuretic. Achyranthes is specifically added to guide the cleansing herbs to treat soreness and swollen joints in the lower body, especially the knees. The remedy's treatment principle is to kill germs and reduce fever, pain, and water retention by the most effective means. through the urine


This non-antibiotic herbal treatment for inflammatory joint pain clears fever, controls wind by reducing excess nerve irritation, and increases circulation. It is suitable for anyone with painful, red, swollen joints, rheumatoid arthritis, or aches due to food allergies or inadequate digestion. It is a decoction, to be cooked for 30 minutes. Use one handful each of three herbs in 1 gallon water. Drink two or three cups per day cold, between meals.

Wu jia pi (Cortex acanthopanacis)
Wei ling xian (Radix clemetidis chinensis)
Mulberry twigs

These herbs are commonly used to “dispel wind damp” by increasing circulation and quieting nerve pain

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